Our Inhouse Machinery

Wire cutting and stripping machine

High speed wire cutting & stripping machine for electronic cables, data cables, Shielded cables etc. Specially Designed for 2 Core Round Wires. Cutting speed 1 ~ 10 per/seconds

Automatic USB connector soldering machine

Automatic Connector Soldering for USB connector, Productivity 500-800 pcs/hr

Vertical injection molding machine

vertical injection molding machine 15 ton 2 side operation, Injection Capacity 34-47 CM, Injection Pressure 1625-1164 kgf/cm2.

Automatic Type C connector soldering machine

Type C connector machine is a new advanced automatic machine for soldering USB Type C connector. Productivity 800-1200 pcs/hr

Automatic Micro connector soldering machine

Micro connector machine is a new advanced automatic machine for soldering USB Micro connector. Productivity 800-1200 pcs/hr

Industrial construction

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Electric pad Printing Machine

This printer can print almost at anything, such as cables, chargers, Earphones etc. In addition to a small part of the mineral, the possibilities are endless.

Cable wrap Machine

This Machine wrap, winding or twisting raw cables for further processing.

Air Compressor

Silenced Air Compressor 4 Cylinder with durable motors produce maximum airflow without the cutout. Perfect to run our pneumatic application

Cooling Tower

These Cooling Tower is well equipped with adjustable pitch fan for the individual duty conditions & Better heat transfer.

Frequently Ask Question

Does TNL Cables work with pc to sync data?

This Cables are high performance USB 2.0 Amp USB cable with stainless steel connectors. This ensures very high speed data transfers as well as fast charging. If used with a sync software, the laptop and mobile should sync without any issues.

What is the life span and disability of TNL Cables?

We use high-quality ABS +PVC materials for our cables, TNL USB-Cables variety promising a lifespan of over 10,000+ bends. In case of any issues, there’s a 6-month Replacement warranty.

Does it matter what type of charging cable is used with a Quick Charge adapter?

Quick Charge is designed to be connector - and current-independent. Quick Charge high-voltage operation is designed to minimize charging issues associated with long or thin cables, allowing for a superior charging experience, independent of cable type or cable current capability.