Our Strengths

Advance Technology

We use wire processing automation machinery which increases the soldering & wire strength by 10 x as compared with manual wire soldering.

World class manufacturing

We have adopted just in time manufacturing techniques, which help us to achieve a competitive advantage in production and operation management.

standard Quality

Strong commitment to Total Quality Management, our quality standard and guidelines are designed to deliver a standard set of products.

Zero defects

Our 3 layer inhouse testing tool for USB cables, ensures us to satisfy our customer's quality and safety requirements with zero defects.

Quality Decides Everything

Established in Mumbai, in the year 2006, TNL Cables is engaged in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive array of Data Cables, Chargers and Wired & Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones. These are proudly "Made In India" at our factories, which help millions of people in their daily lifes. We are also OEM Suppliers, supplying to OEM like Syska, Letronics etc. We at TNL are committed to achieving sustainable growth as a Indian manufacturer and we are grateful to have earned customers trust over the period of 14 years. Our aim is to make our country ahead in global competition in our segment. All our products are guaranteed to meet a strict set of specifications and are manufactured to preset tolerances on a consistent basis.

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Our Industries Served

Modern Retail - D'mart

" We are satisfied with the products and services we got from TNL Cables. One of the most trustworthy company we have seen. We appreciate their teamwork, intelligence and domain expertise which has helped our business grow "

OEM - Syska

" It has been a pleasure working with TNL Cables over the past two years. Their ideas and responsiveness with customer requests have definitely exceeded our expectations. We truly appreciate their high level of technical skills "

General Trade - B2B

Excellent quality product for the price & timely delivery. Quick charging and priced right for the type c cables. Better than any of the type c cables available... at least the customers will get good quality products at great prices.

Advance Technology

  • Innovation, with quality at its core
  • For 14 years, TNL Cables has been creating products that simplify your life and empower you to fully leverage technology. The TNL Cables Difference ensures that every product is thoughtfully engineered, made of the highest-quality materials and thoroughly tested before making its way to you.

  • Always looking to the future
  • Technology is constantly evolving. We combine extensive research and development with more than a decade of experience anticipating user needs to make sure we’re ready and you’re covered, no matter what the future holds.

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    World Class manufacturing

  • Just in time
  • Implementation of just in time and lean management leads to reduction in wastage thereby reduction in cost.

  • Total Quality Management
  • Implementation of total quality management leads to reduction of defects and encourages zero tolerance towards defects.

  • Total Preventive Maintenance
  • Implementation of total preventive maintenance leads to any stoppage of production through mechanical failure.

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    Our Products


    3 layer Inhouse Tool Testing - QC

  • Micro USB cable
  • Type-C USB Cable
  • lightning USB Cable
  • 3 in 1 Multi USB Cable
  • 3.5 mm Aux Audio Cable
  • Earphones

    Inhouse Testing

  • Dhunn Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless neck Band
  • freedom Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless neck Band
  • Wire Eaphones (3.5 mm audio jack)
  • Chargers

    EMS Done at Vendor place

  • Single Port adapter
  • Dual Port adapter
  • Car Charger
  • Standard Quality

  • A holistic design approach to Quality
  • Achieving and maintaining world-class quality leadership is a top priority at TNL Cables. Customers trust TNL Cables mobile accessories to be of the highest quality and provide lasting value. This conviction is a result of our uncompromising design focus and precise attention to detail.

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    Zero Defects

  • Unmatched performance, every time
  • We know you depend on our products, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our above-and-beyond testing ensures we deliver supremely reliable quality you can always count on.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Does TNL Cables work with pc to sync data?

    This Cables are high performance USB 2.0 Amp USB cable with stainless steel connectors. This ensures very high speed data transfers as well as fast charging. If used with a sync software, the laptop and mobile should sync without any issues.

    What is the life span and disability of TNL Cables?

    We use high-quality ABS +PVC materials for our cables, TNL USB-Cables variety promising a lifespan of over 10,000+ bends. In case of any issues, there’s a 6-month Replacement warranty.

    Does it matter what type of charging cable is used with a Quick Charge adapter?

    Quick Charge is designed to be connector - and current-independent. Quick Charge high-voltage operation is designed to minimize charging issues associated with long or thin cables, allowing for a superior charging experience, independent of cable type or cable current capability.